Spa Technology

Direct Impact™ Therapy

Versa-Flo™ Hydrotherapy System
The Saratoga Versa-Flo™ Therapy System represents the Direct Impact™ Therapy operation of the Luxury Spa Line. This Hydrotherapy System gives relief with direct pressure, unlike the CFE system’s passive relief, with jetting directing water therapy right where your body needs it, regardless of the muscle size or location. Versa-Flo™ provides the versatility to create a different relief point on multiple body locations.

Roto Stream® Sequencing System
The patented Roto Stream® Sequencing System provides the spa user an automated massage experience, sequencing hydrotherapy automatically through the illustrated positions 1-4, while allowing the spa user to either control the speed of the experience or isolate a specific location any time during the massage.

ProJet™ Therapy
ProJet Stream™ Hydrotherapy, a Saratoga exclusive, offers a uniquely concealed jetting system in the spa shell as shown here. The rotation of the ProJet Stream™ Valve controls this hydro driven jet, providing relief to tense neck and shoulder areas without the confining experience of a reverse molded spa

Passive Impact™ Therapy

CFE™ Hydrotherapy System
The Saratoga Spa Company® invented and patented the C.F.E.™ (Coplanar Fluid Ejector), a hydrotherapy jet that moves a stream of water parallel to the body. The original C.F.E.™ jet has now been expanded into a complete hydrotherapy system we call Power Massage®.

Power Massage® is a unique system which provides tension relief along the curves and angles of your body. Specially designed contours in the spa shell guide powerful, therapeutic water ribbons down the neck and back area and along the full length of your spine. These patented jets are concealed by the Saratoga Spa® neck rests and offer a vitalizing experience truly unique in the spa world.

Power Massage®
This patented design delivers massage along the full length of your back with a soothing ribbon of water. Power Massage® was the industry’s first patented, above water jet and revolutionized how portable spas are built.

Power Massage Plus®
Combining two hydrotherapy jets in one behind the headrest with a small custom valve, your Saratoga Spa® is able to isolate the back, neck and shoulders at the ideal angle.

Power Stream®
Saratoga Spas® combine the parallel movement of air and water in the Power Stream® providing a relaxing, therapeutic ribbon of massage for the hand, wrist, arm, and feet.