Semi-Inground Pools


Our Stats

Other Pools Water Temperature — 72º F
ECOTHERM™ Insulated Pool — 82º F
Other Pools Swimming Season — 40% Annual
ECOTHERM™ Insulated Pool Swimming Season — 50% Annual
Other Pools Annual Heating Costs — 90%
ECOTHERM™ Pool Annual Heating Costs — 60%

ECOTHERM™ Pools R-10 insulated walls resist heat loss more efficiently than any other type of pool wall. Heat gained from the sun is retained, maintaining water temperature even overnight, when other types of pools lose up to 10º F. The ECOTHERM™ insulated wall panels keep the water warmer longer – extending the swimming season by up to 2 months!.

If you use a gas or heat pump pool heater, your water temperature setting directly affects your heating costs. Pool water temps typically range from 78º F to 82º F. Most people prefer water to be at least 80º F, but with the superior heat retention properties of a structurally insulated ECOTHERM™ Pool, the sun is your primary pool-heating source!

With an insulated ECOTHERM™ Pool, the cost of maintaining your water temperature is reduced as the need to run your energy consuming heater is reduced. This will save you up to 30% on your annual swimming pool heating costs. For example, an ECOTHERM™ Pool owner in Boston, MA, using a gas heater, will save over $400 per year. With these energy savings, over time, an ECOTHERM™ Pool will pay for itself!

Choose Your Shape and Your Size

Choose from oval, round, .. onground, OR semi-inground,
whatever best fits your yard and your life!

Oval Pool

12’ x 24’
16’ x 24’
16’ x 28’
16’ x 32’
18’ x 34’


Round Pool

12’ diameter
16’ diameter
18’ diameter
21’ diameter
24’ diameter
27’ diameter
30’ diameter


Fabcote Southerland Semi-Inground Pools


Buttress supports and concrete bonding ring on oval pools provides long lasting strength in any soil.


Our state of the art epoxy powder coating system provides long-lasting protection from corrosion, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Siding Kits

Optional batten-bard vertical siding kits are available for round aboveground and semi-inground applications.

Coping Options

Tan PVC Plastic

separate aluminum coping

Synthetic Wood

Stair Option

Walk-In® Stair makes an easy and beautiful way to enter and exit your pool. It’s available as an 8′ radius (5 tread). It’s made from tough, durable material that withstands earth movement and severe climate changes.

Liner Selections

Your pool package includes:

  • 52″ Walls – Rigid 14 gauge galvanized
  • E Poxy Powder Steel Panels (Beige)
  • Liner: 20 mil Fusion
  • Choice of synthetic wood or tan PVC plastic top rails
  • Filter and Pump: Hayward S180 with 1 HP Powerflo
  • Ladders: 7200 Series
  • Skimmer: Wide Mouth
  • Vacuum Head, 12′ Vacuum Pole & Vacuum Hose
  • Leaf Net
  • Test Kit
  • Thermometer
  • Solar Cover
  • Winter Cover
  • Chemical Starter Kit
  • Chlorinator
  • 8′ Saratoga Stair *add $5,200

Semi Inground Installation Includes:

  • Excavation (4 hours) $85/hour over 4 hours
  • Concrete collar
  • Upgrade to Super pump
  • Upgraded plumbing
  • Backfill (4 hours) $125/hour over 4 hours


Top Rail:8″ Extruded Aluminum
Upright:6.5″ Extruded Aluminum
Top Cover:Resin Top Cover
Bottom Rail
& Base Plate:
Aluminum Rail with Resin Plate
Wall:54″ Aluminum Slat
Liner:20 Mil GLI Capri or Golden Beach Beaded Liner with Bead Receiver
Hardware:Stainless Steel
Equipment:Hayward S180 Sand Filter with 1 HP PowerFlo Pump
28′, 18’x33′, 18’x40′, and 21’x43′ pools come with Hayward S210 Sand
Filter with 1.5 HP PowerFlo Pump
Ladder:Confer 7200 Roll Guard Resin Safety Ladder
Skimmer:Standard Mouth
Maintenance Kit:Vacuum Head, 12′ Vacuum Pole, Vacuum Hose, Leaf Net, Thermometer,
Chemical Start Up Kit, and Test Kit
Covers:Solar Cover and Winter Cover
Chlorinator:New Water In Line Feeder

Semi Inground Installation Includes:

  • Excavation (4 hours) $85/hour over 4 hours
  • Concrete collar
  • Upgrade to Super pump
  • Upgraded plumbing
  • Backfill (4 hours) $125/hour over 4 hours