GLI Vinyl Liners Above Ground Liner Doctors

Liner Doctors® Above Ground Liners

Liner Doctors Exclusive Patterns:
20 Years Limited / 3 Years Full with required Extended Warranty Program.

Patriot Liners for the Liner Doctors Program:
25 Years Limited / 5 Years Full with required Extended Warranty Program

Patriot Series Liners:
GLI’s Patriot Series are our strongest and longest lasting above ground liners. These liners are made from 100% Virgin Vinyl that is 45% thicker than standard above ground liners and built to withstand the harsh weather and chemical environments of your pool. Patriot Series liners are constructed with our versatile Unibead attachment system and backed by an industry best 25 years limited / 3 years full warranty.

The Patriot Series Liners are now a part of the Liner Doctors Program, with this addition the warranty has increased to 25 years limited / 5 years full. This is because of an additional Extended Warranty Program that comes standard with all Patriot and Liner Doctors Above Ground Liners.

Liner Doctors Patterns:
Two Patterns available, Aspen Creek & Pebble Creek.  Aspen Creek is available in 48″, 52″ and 54″ Unibead and Pebble Creek is available in Overlap.  Both patterns come with the Exclusive Extended Warranty Program making the warranty 20 years limited / 3 years full.

Please note: The Liner Doctors patterns are paired with the Liner Doctors Protection Program & Extended Warranty, therefore, they are not eligible for a warranty increase when paired with Armor Shield.