Fiberglass Pools

San Juan Pools – Overview
With our fiberglass swimming pools by San Juan Pools, “getting away from it all” can be as easy as walking out your back door! Since fiberglass swimming pools are low-maintenance, you’ll spend more time relaxing and enjoying your pool, and less time cleaning it!

An innovator in the pool industry, San Juan Fiberglass Pools was the first company to introduce a fiberglass swimming pool to the market. Fiberglass pools are one piece, factory-built shells made with fiberglass, resins, and finished with a gel coating. These pools have a non porous surface similar to modern day boats and pool slides. The satin-smooth finish of the fiberglass pool is impervious to algae! Fiberglass pools typically require less maintenance than a gunite or vinyl pool, and therefore require fewer chemicals throughout the season. Acid washing, resurfacing, and liner replacements are typical forms of rehab maintenance required in gunite and vinyl lined pools. This type of maintenance will never be required of your fiberglass pool! And with a quick, 7 day installation process, you’ll be swimming and entertaining before you know it!

Now celebrating 50 years in the industry, San Juan continues to develop and improve its fiberglass pool line and has recently expanded their pool shapes and sizes to now offer you over 60 different fiberglass pool and spa models. Our fiberglass pools are available in two standard color options, blue or white, and we offer several different waterline tile patterns to enhance the look of your pool. Mosaic tile designs are also available for the stairs or floor, adding flair and custom style to your design.

Pool Options and Accessories
Built in steps, swimouts, attached spas, benches, and sundecks can all be a part of your fiberglass pool. We also offer fiber optic water features, LED lighting, automated control systems, waterfalls, salt generators, gas heaters and heat pumps, automatic safety covers, in-floor cleaning systems, more…

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Why Choose San Juan Fiberglass Pools?
30-32 mill gel-coat non-porous surface

  • 100% pure vinyl esther resin
  • Quick 7-day installation process
  • 17 times stronger than concrete
  • Impervious to algae
  • No rehabbing necessary!

Fiberglass Pool/Spa Sizes Available

Fiberglass Pool Sizes

Fiberglass Spa Sizes